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"I loved this class. I thoroughly enjoyed our instructors and all of the interesting facts and places they brought to life. I feel I have a much deeper understanding of wine and the world's wine regions. Thank you!" --Alma Leon-Reveles
"Excellent! I wanted to learn more about the different types and styles of wine and taking the Intermediate is a great starting point. I love the solid structure of the course. The book is concise. Instructors are very knowledgeable and experienced." --Chris Chan
"Great! I am humbled!" --Leslie Walters
"If you are unsure of yourself and want to feel more confident when speaking about or tasting wine, this course is for you." --Sean Flood
"I came into the course with only CA wine experience, I left with a much clearer prospective of the other wine regions of the world. I think having taken the WSET will help me with my wine industry career." --Tracy Knapp-Younes
"High praise for Wine & Spirit School and their instructors! The learning environment and content are worlds class!" --Benjamin Cuaresma
"Educated, informative and energetic instructors lead eager students through the world of wine and spirits - a must for anyone in or thinking about being in the wine industry!" --Regina Sanz
"A fantastic experience whether you're new to wine have years of experience. The instructors are incredibly knowledgeable he material is engaging." --Emilie Eliason
"Loved it! I'm inspired to continue my education in wine and spirits! I want my diploma! Great teachers who are attentive to the students and their prior knowledge of wine." --Mandy Claire Pearce
"It is both fascinating and inspiring that such a program exists for all people from the sommelier to the serious wine consumer. I cannot wait to continue on my path with this great program." --Matthew Costa
"The Wine & Spirit School provided an excellent platform to understanding the world of wines in a short time. The PowerPoint format combined with text and short exams allowed for progress charting. The wines we tasted were great examples." --Joelle Kurrus

"I would definitely recommend the Wine & Spirit School. It was educational, informative, provided a great format to meet other students and moved along at a good pace. Money well spent!" --Lauren Sagalow

"This was the best way to prepare myself for future wine studies and a new career in the wine industry. The insight from each instructor was invaluable. I now feel very prepared to jump into the diploma program." -- Lindsay Bater
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